Gießerei- und Qualitätsmanagement- Beratung Resident Engineer bei BMW und Daimler Berlin 3D Metalldruck Laserschweißen zur Gussteilinstandsetzung
                                      Gießerei- und Qualitätsmanagement- Beratung                                                 Resident Engineer bei BMW und Daimler Berlin                                                                         3D Metalldruck           Laserschweißen zur Gussteilinstandsetzung

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2001-2003 Vaillant, Roding Bayern

Head of quality management and maintenance at the Roding aluminium die casting works and in command of 55 employees.
In charge of the mechanical working of automotive components (braking systems and oil filters) and automated clean-room assembly of high-pressure pumps and other heating components made of brass and aluminium.Advised suppliers on product enhancement and further development and audited them.Assisted to the designing and engineering department.
Introduced total productive maintenance in accordance with the Toyota production system and the EFQM management system in compliance with VDA 6.1 and QS 9000 quality standards.
Gave lectures on EFQM and Kaizen at the MACILS management centre, the Bayern Innovativ corporation for innovation and technology transfer and the Universities of Duisburg and Regensburg.

At Vaillant was at this time produced and assembled for VDO the Diesel Highpresure Pumps.

The Cleanroom assembly with high accuracy requirements and functional testing could be after the first ½ year at startup at a high number of 1500 pumps / day with a ges. Complaint rate of only 79 ppm can be successfully evaluated.
Here, the positive motivation and the high level of training of the employees paid off.

Today, the division has grown strongly and has its own plant of Continental Automotive - Powertrain

The die casting foundry with mechanical processing and tool making has been known in recent years as PDR Precision Die Casting Roding and has recently been sold to the Swiss Group.