Gießerei- und Qualitätsmanagement- Beratung Resident Engineer bei BMW und Daimler Berlin 3D Metalldruck Laserschweißen zur Gussteilinstandsetzung
                                      Gießerei- und Qualitätsmanagement- Beratung                                                 Resident Engineer bei BMW und Daimler Berlin                                                                         3D Metalldruck           Laserschweißen zur Gussteilinstandsetzung

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Gießerei Weltkongress 23+27 September 2018
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Laser welding is approved

by a lot of car makers.

We can Help with samples to get a Approval from OEM for your product.

It make sens to validate the rework laserwelding at the initial samples.



Good results of laser welding:


no heat - influence - zones

Very fine pinpoint areas can be welded.

gentle on materials

Different materials can be welded.

Use hardness is achieved.

no distortion by the welding

no coarse grain zone at the transition

no penetration
For all Processes as Die casting, Gravity permanent mold casting,

Sand casting, lost wax process

und Materials like Aluminium, Magnesium, Iron casting, Steel casting ...


Scrap Parts are directly reusable


After welding will be grinded and reworked

The required flatness must be respected.

After that, the earlier flaw is almost no longer visible

You retain approximately 80% of value added.

Immediate positive impact on operating profit


Immediately after finishing work again Delivery Capability

No lost production capacity

For all processes such as die casting, permanent mold casting,
sand casting, investment casting and Material such as
aluminum, magnesium, iron castings, steel castings, etc.


A Rawcasting area was wrong changed. Atightning area was lost. Laser Welding of this area without damaging a thread. Afterwards flat grinding.

We can come mobil to you!

Own Plant at  13156 Berlin - Pankow, Wackenberg Str. 61-63 oder Buchholzer  Str. 26

Loading of trucks and warehouses possible to > 100m² with private forklifts 2.5 to and 1.3 to


Die casting and gravity die casting tools can quickly and accurately welded


- for example, Cracks -


The form need not necessarily be removed from the machine for this purpose.