We are your competent partner when it comes to fast and precise reworking of defective components. We accept no compromises on quality. Whenever parts are involved that do not meet the specified quality standards, we come into action. Rely on our know-how and many years of experience.

Our portfolio includes:

Testing and sorting work | Milling | Loops | Kittens | Quality Checks

Deburring | Drill | Polishing | Assembly (disassembly & reassembly)

We are primarily responsible for the rework of metal parts, but we can also demonstrate experience in the rework of plastic parts. Do not hesitate to contact us! We are here for you and will definitely find the perfect rework solution for you!

Testing and sorting work

In the production of plastic or metal parts, faulty parts or defects can always occur. We have years of experience in checking and sorting parts. With a lot of precision and a high quality standard, we take over this work for you.

quality checks

We carry out special quality checks for you to ensure that your parts meet the highest quality standards! Crack testing, ultrasonic testing, visual testing and much more.


With us at your side, you have a flexible partner who cares about the quality of work just as much as you do. In addition to years of experience and the precision of our hand milling machines, we can also offer our customers milling work on our machining centers (5 and 7 axes).


Hand grinders are also used again and again to remedy defects in faulty parts or assemblies. The use of grinding machines requires precision and sure instinct. Regular training and courses make our employees aware of the consistently good quality of your components.


The “Kitten” metal repair system can be used to fill the smallest cavities, wear spots, defects or processing errors. Thanks to our many years of experience and the use of different putties, we can advise you on choosing the right one.


It can happen that sharp edges, fraying or splinters occur during a machining or manufacturing process. These so-called burrs can be removed with the help of special tools.


In most cases, the smoothing finishing process “polishing” follows the grinding. All grinding marks are polished out. Thanks to the wide range of polishing processes and materials, we are able to respond to individual customer requests.


With us, all assembly steps are possible, we look after you from start to finish. It doesn’t matter whether your individual parts/assemblies are made of metal, aluminum or plastic – we are your partner for accurate assembly!

Videos of our Production

Milling a casting model

Thanks to the 7 usable axes of our machining center, we can mill complex molds in just one clamping. Due to the special parallel kinematics, the machine achieves high acceleration values, which leads to a shorter running time. However, the machine remains stiff enough to still achieve a high degree of accuracy.

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