3D metal printing

WAAM = Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing / Laser Wire AM

This new welding process is what is known as arc wire build-up welding. This process offers our customers a clear cost and time advantage compared to conventional welding processes. The WAAM process is based on the superimposition and fusion of individual layers of metal wire. In this way, components can be created from scratch. Large-format metal components can be produced quickly, which can then be finished using CNC milling. The components can usually be manufactured in a very short time – this makes WAAM a very interesting option, especially for small series and for prototype construction. Compared to the conventional process of milling a component out of a solid block, tool wear, machining time and material loss are significantly lower with the WAAM process. In this process, particular attention must be paid to a continuous, even and spatter-free weld. Each error continues in the next layer. It is also important to keep the welding process as energy-efficient as possible so that the layers that have already been welded do not melt again.

Advantages of the WAAM method:

  • higher build rate than powder bed based processes
  • Material savings through material application
  • non-porous layer structure

3D metal printing / Rapid Prototyping / Rapid Tooling

When you think of 3D metal printing, do you think of small components and long waiting times? Not with us! We can recommend another process to you: in contrast to the usual 3D metal printing using the SLM process, we rely on a proven and mature arc welding process. This enables us to produce contour-near blanks from CAD data, which can then be finished by our mechanical production. We can produce prototypes, one-offs and small series quickly and inexpensively. In addition to 3D metal printing, we also offer welding services. Above all, the welding of rotationally symmetrical parts is child’s play with our rotary positioners. Do you have sample parts or a special requirement? Feel free to contact us!

We accompany our customers from the consultation to the finished component. Our specialized employees are at your service. Contact us! We are very curious about your requirements.

our services:

  • Production of prototypes
  • Production of parts in small series
  • tool repairs