laser welding

casting repair with laser welding

Laser welding is a very gentle welding process to repair defects on cast parts. Due to the slim weld seams and the very low heat influence, the application of this method is particularly useful and popular for high-quality serial parts or classic car parts. The punctual energy supply with the laser (the casting usually does not have to be heated) enables a very fine and precise processing.

In addition to laser welding, we also offer MAG welding. Just talk to us – we will find the optimal welding process for you!

advantages of laser welding

  • precise and precise energy input
  • no heat-affected zones
  • gentle to materials
  • no distortion due to welding
  • working hardness is reached
  • different materials can be welded
  • no coarse grain zone
  • no burn-in
  • paint in the vicinity will not be damaged

Suitable for all processes such as die casting, gravity die casting, sand casting and investment casting – as well as for many materials such as aluminium, magnesium, iron casting, steel casting, nickel, brass, etc.

Laser welding is approved by many car manufacturers.

Since 2014, we have already saved over 150,000 high-quality parts, saving our customers more than 10 million euros in losses. We will be happy to help you get OEM approval for your products with the help of sample parts. A validation of the laser welding rework already makes sense during the sampling.

mobile laser welding

We can also save your castings! We are happy to come to you with our laser welding system. Contact us and arrange a personal appointment.

  • cost and time savings
  • flexible deployment
  • short set-up times
  • no transport of the (high-quality) cast parts
  • no removal of the cast parts necessary (e.g. engine block) if you can reach the spot to be welded (by means of an extension)

before – after pictures

During the last years we were lucky to work on many different vehicles, castings and projects. Today we are able to reproduce a wide range of defect patterns that could be repaired using laser welding. Do you have a crack in the engine block, a deep pore or perhaps a broken corner on your casting?

We can definitely help you – contact us!