Knowhow Wilhelms GmbH – More than to know how!

We have more than 25 years of professional experience in quality management, environmental management, maintenance and sales in the foundry and automotive supply industries.

Our long-standing and trustful customer relationships are based on our performance and goal-oriented approach, which we constantly adapt to the constantly changing needs of our customers. The continuous exchange of experience with our clients in the foundry and automotive supply industry forms a solid basis for the successful execution of our consulting projects.

The 4 leitmotifs of our work are independence objectivity competence privacy

As management consultants, we maintain our independence from third parties, especially when decisions are to be made about suppliers or other partners of the client.

Our advice takes into account all opportunities and risks.

We only advise in fields in which we have proven competence or have acquired it.

None of the knowledge and information acquired during the consulting process is passed on to third parties.